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BlueScope BL1400A - Industry's First Handheld 1 and 10 Gigabit Ethernet Tester

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Complexity and the high cost of testing Ethernet services to verify SLAs and the performance of Ethernet network have created the need for a cost-effective solution that can perform serious test and measurement for the users.

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“Our experiences with global telecom operators and network system vendors that are offering high speed Ethernet have motivated Bluelight to provide a solution with well-balanced feature sets needed for the users at an attractive price. It is a well known fact that the network test and measurement instruments by the industry’s leading vendors are costly and have over-blown features that are rarely needed or used. Whereas BL1400A offers features that enhance productivity of the users with sufficient functionalities to conduct demanding Ethernet network testing and measurement at an extremely attractive price,” said CEO of Bluelight Technology.

The BL1400A is the most compact and versatile device of its kind that has built-in 1 and 10 Gigabit copper and optical ports allowing users to monitor, capture, analyze live Ethernet traffic at the line-speed through the ports. Integrating 1 and 10 Gigabit interfaces not only lower the cost of testing, as users can do away with two separate units, it also provides flexibility and versatility for the situations that require testing of both speeds at the same time.

The BL1400A offers virtually all of the important features required for even the most demanding Ethernet network testing and compliance measurement requirements consistently and effectively. Its features are designed to enhance productivity of the testers by offering a simple to use and learn GUI-based interface to setup, test, and measure the network thereby reducing the test time and the cost involved.

Key Features and Benefits of 1 GbE & 10 GbE Ethernet Handheld Tester with ONE 10 GbE & Dual GbE Copper / Optic

  • Supports hybrid user interface (UI) with graphical color touch-screen and also keypad at the same time, user-friendly.
  • Supports multi-physical ports such as 1 fiber 10GE, 2 fiber 1000 BASE-SX/LX/ZX, 100FX, and 2 copper 10/100/1000 BASE-T on one platform.
  • Supports multi-stream traffic generation and analysis including layer 1/2/3/4 packets and fully customized packets up to 4 multi-streams.
  • Supports statistics measurement such as utilization, VLAN, control frame and packets, uni/multi/broadcasts, under 64 Byte frame, Jumbo frame and etc.
  • Supports filtering measurement such as Round Trip Delay, Packet Arrival Interval (PAI), Checksum error, Duplication error.
  • Supports in-depth powerful dual ports monitoring like tap and VLAN scan.
  • Supports media converter function between optical and copper physical port.
  • Ethernet and IP advanced connectivity testing such as ARP, Ping, Trace Route, DHCP, and DNS.
  • Supports powerful built-in packet capture and analysis functions with all packets and filtered option on dual ports or one port.
  • Supports cable diagnostics. It utilizes TDR to detect and identify cable faults, perform estimation cable length, identify irregular impedance on metallic paired cable, twisted pair.
  • Precise loopback testing at layer 2 (MAC) and layer 3 (IP).
  • Powerful Ethernet network troubleshooting tool kit and performance measurement tool kit.
  • Be able to upload and download a new software version and test results via FTP.
  • File Manager: Be able to copy testing results, log files, screen capture files, and configuration files to USB memory card.

Key Functions of 1 GbE & 10 GbE Ethernet Handheld Tester with ONE 10 GbE & Dual GbE Copper / Optic

  • Dual ports testing, anytime, anywhere
  • Throughput testing, Generate multistream traffic up to 10Gbit/s line rate on optical, 1Gbit/s line rate on copper and optical multi-ports, Ethernet frames, IP packets layer 1/2/3/4 with multiple modes such as continuous, ramping, burst mode.
  • Cable BERT on copper port, BERT in Unframed mode on fiber optical port.
  • Packet analysis such as FCS errors, L3/L4 checksum errors, Round Trip Delay (RTD), Packet Arrival Interval (PAI), packet loss, sequence errors.
  • IP application test such as Ping, ARP, Trace Route, DNS, and DHCP.
  • RFC2544: BL1400A¡¯s RFC2544 network benchmark testing supports throughput, latency, frame loss, and back-to-back frames without loss, all varying frame sizes defined in RFC 2544 standard on optical 1G/100FX and copper 10/100/1000 BASE-T.
  • Powerful monitoring function such as Tap and VLAN scan on dual ports, VLAN id and Q-in-Q up to stacking 3 VLANs.
  • In-depth powerful built-in CAPTURE and analysis functions regarding all packets, filtered or event triggered option.
  • Packet statistics measurement such as utilization, VLAN, control frame and packets, uni/multi/broadcasts, fewer than 64 byte (runt) frame, jumbo frame with global and filtered.
  • Cable diagnostics (TDR) such as cable fault, irregular impedance, cable length.
  • Loopback testing at layer 2 (MAC) and layer 3 (IP).
  • Configurable QoS such as CoS, TOS, and DSCP.
  • Optical power measurement.
  • Simplifies the troubleshooting of IPTV services at the residential gateway.
  • File Manager: Copy test results, test log files, screen capture files, and configuration files into USB memory card.

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