Bluestar Logistics' environmental policy

Supplier: Bluestar Logistics
08 July, 2013

The transport industry can be held accountable for its large contributions toward our environmental degradation, from heavy emissions of pollutants to increasing noise and vibration levels around our homes.

The fact is, responsibility needs to be accepted by the firms that operate in this industry and subsequently, are contributors. We are attentive to the social concerns that have been voiced at the industry and we have proactively adjusted our processes in order to reduce our environmental impact.

These steps include:

  • Ensuring our fleet are regularly maintained and monitored
  • Minimising use of plastic wrap
  • Extensive recycling programs for all plastic and waste on site
  • Minimising paper usage
  • Re-engineering load processes to eliminate wasted space
  • Eco-driving – identifying most efficient routes and ideal driving speeds

The steps we have taken here at Blue Star have promoted a greener attitude throughout our whole organisation, including our staff and management. Through our conscious efforts, we are able to see the benefits of implementing such processes now and in the future, including an accountable business structure and a positive impact on our bottom line. 

As new ways to negate environmental impact are slowly discovered we will do our utmost in order to maintain and introduce new systems and processes that will reduce our carbon footprint.