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Bluetooth Hands-free Car Kit | BT System9 Add-on

Supplier: Professional Car Accessory's

System 9 is the right upgrade for Bluetooth hands-free devices.

Price Guide: POA

System 9 is designed in such a way that it can be combined with Bluetooth hands-free devices of different manufacturers.

The main components of the system are the BURY BasePlate mounting device and the BURY ActiveCradle device holder. Both can be linked together to become one unit quickly and easily. The mobile telephone can also be put into the BURY ActiveCradle with just one click. It enables the mobile to be held comfortably and securely and, thanks to the integrated charging mechanism, it ensures unlimited talk time in the vehicle.

The BURY BasePlate mounting device is the basis of the System 9. On the BURY BasePlate you can find the connections for an external aerial as well as for the power supply. It can be fixed to the dashboard or installed on a swivel arm so that it can be removed again. With the power supply, there is the opportunity to link the mounting device to the cigarette lighter or to the vehicle's power supply network. The signal and reception quality is noticeably improved by the external aerial which can be connected to the BURY BasePlate.

The BURY ActiveCradle device holder is one of the two main components of System 9 and enables the Bluetooth mobile to be held comfortably and securely and also enables battery charging. The aerial pick up and power connection are integrated into the casing.


  • Antenna connection - possibility of connecting an external GSM antenna, which enables a superior broadcast and reception performance For fixed installation or flexi install version via cigarette lighter plug
  • Snap-in mounting - quick and easy snap-in mounting
  • Convenient and secure placement - of your phone
  • Broad range of mounting options - on the dashboard and/or console thanks to the dash mount adapter charging function - for unlimited talk time in the vehicle