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BOA Smart Camera: Small, smart, flexible and all in one

Supplier: Adept Turnkey Pty Ltd
30 October, 2009

Perfect if you need an intelligent, highly-integrated optical inspection tool, this camera delivers all that it promises.

Delivering the next generation in smart camera technology
Hailed as a breakthrough in inspection technology and comprising all the elements of an industrial machine vision system in one tiny camera, Dalsa's easy-to-use and inexpensive BOA smart camera leverages the full breadth and depth of DALSA’s impressive design, engineering, and manufacturing expertise in their sensor, camera, image-processing and vision software development.

Specifically designed for harsh factory floor environments, BOA is an exceptional, all-in-one, intelligent vision system.

Packaged complete with application software in a compact "smart" camera format, BOA offers scalable vision solutions to satisfy a wide range of application needs from positioning robotic handlers to complete assembly verifications.

What efficiencies can be expected from the BOA smart camera?
Rapid deployment
BOA is an inexpensive, easy to set up, optical inspection solution with ready-to-deploy functionality. It is delivered ready to capture images out-of-the-box within minutes. Its point-and-click application development tools combined with its advanced on-board processing architecture provide a robust and adaptable platform for automated vision applications.
No software to install
BOA comes fully loaded with the tools you need to deploy a vision application; there is no additional software installation, no worries about revision levels or software incompatibilities. Access is via browser.
Powered by iNspect
BOA comes bundled with DALSA’s intuitive and versatile iNspect application software. iNspect allows users to setup and deploy solutions with little or no prior machine vision knowledge. The iNspect development interface and runtime engine is embedded within the BOA camera and the software is launched via web browser.
Added control and flexibility
iNspect supports standard protocols, such as Modbus and Ethernet/IP, for seamless connection to complementary devices. A scripting tool offers users greater control and integration flexibility.
Maximization of machine up-time
Included with iNspect is a fully-functional emulator that allows users to develop or debug applications offline. Runtime Images can be saved to an offline PC using BOA’s Ethernet interface. The emulator maximizes machine up-time and simplifies support
Easy connection
Easy connection by Ethernet between your network and the BOA Smart Camera

What can the Boa smart camera do for you?
Boa can: Position
1.    Locate part position for material handling
2.    Locate part feature for tool landmarking
3.    Verify part or feature orientation
4.    Part counting
5.    Part sorting

Boa can: Identify
1.    Work in process inventory management Verify parts as they navigate through the fabrication process
2.    Cradle-to-grave part traceability
3.    Product verification assures 1D or 2D code matches printed text
4.    Product identification and sorting
5.    Date and lot code verification
6.    Code Verification. Detect problems with the marking system for preventive maintenance

Boa can: Measure
1.    Presence/absence
2.    Dimensional accuracy and geometrical tolerances
3.    Thickness and uniformity of parts

Boa can: Verify
1.    Blister pack verification
2.    Molded part verification
3.    Solder joint verification
4.    Bottle cap and safety seal verification
5.    Print verification
6.    PCB assembly verification
7.    Cable wiring verification
8.    Package verification

Small, smart and flexible, this low-cost camera is both easy-to-use and a highly functional addition to your application.