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Boom gate systems for all applications

Supplier: Assa Abloy Entrance Systems By: Darren O'Brien
28 August, 2009

Are you looking to install an automated boom gate system but don't know where to start? Here is an overview of what to consider.

Looking to install an automatic sliding gate for your home, office or factory? 

Here is an overview of things to consider when planning the installation of an automatic sliding gate. 

Whether you are looking for a DIY kit or require a full turn key installation, this is a starting point of things to consider.

  • What is the width of the driveway?
  • Is there sufficient space adjacent the driveway for the gate to slide back onto when open?
  • 240V power will be required at the gate.

Talk to your local electrician or us about how to best achieve this.  If you are looking to do some of the work, electricians are usually only too happy for the client to dig the trenches!

  • Is the driveway the only entrance to the property?

If YES - Will a pedestrian gate be required?

If YES - Consider installing battery back up to ensure your gate remains operational if you have a blackout.

  •  Is there a fall across the driveway? I.e. is the ground level?

To workout the fall run a string line that is level across the driveway and check the difference at each end.  If you have a significant fall you will need to add a minimum 25% extra in your weight calculations for the motor. 

  • What type of design would you like for your gates? 

Click here for some of our standard gate designs. (click on Gate Designs at the bottom of the page)

  • Estimate the approximate weight of the gate.  Take into consideration that with solid gates (sheeted gates you can't see through) the power needed to drive the gate increases because of the increased wind load on the gate.   Allow a minimum 25% extra in your weight calculations if you choose a gate of this design.
  • What surface is the driveway? 

The surface needs to be continuous concrete for the double the width of the driveway and generally 250mm across.  The depth of the footing will be dependent on soil conditions.

  • Do you want the gate to automatically close behind you when you drive in or out?

If NO - you will press your hand transmitter once to open the gate and then press it again to close it.

If YES - a conduit will need to be installed between the motor position and the catch post.  If this is not possible a 5mm slot will need to be cut into the concrete parallel to the edge of the sliding gate track or you will require a set of wireless Pe's.  This will allow for the installation of PE Safety Sensors which will prevent the gate closing on obstacles.

  • How will visitors let you know they have arrived if there is no pedestrian entry?


  • Audio Intercom - you can have one internal or multiple handsets.
  • Audio/Visual Intercom - you can have a combination of video monitors and audio handsets to suit your requirements. 
  • Wireless Intercoms - these are available if you don't want to install wiring.
  • GSM Wireless Intercoms if your house is further than 50 metres from your gate.

Wireless Door Bell - this is an economical solution available from your local hardware store.

  • Do you need access through the gate without your remote control while gardening or walking the dog? 

A wireless keypad is a good option here.

  • Things to consider when you are having your steel gate built;
  1. The bottom rail needs to be no less than 75mm high.
  2. 2 x 90mm caged wheels will need to be installed at 25% in from each end of the gate.
  3. A support post of no less than 75x75 RHS Steel (Rolled Hardened Steel) is required, preferably concreted into the ground.
  4. Ensure a catcher bracket is installed in the closed position to hold the gate vertical.  This will help prevent it being pushed over.
  5. Basically the gate must run well manually before installing automation.  The test we use is that you must be able to open the gate with two fingers while slowly walking (on level ground).

We hope this information has been useful to you.  Please email should you require any further information.