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Bosch Quad Passive Infrared PIR Sensor DS940Q - GEAS2

Supplier: Green Earth Systems

Intrusion sensors are the eyes and ears of an alarm system. They detect movement throughout the facility and notify the control panel of important events. It's important that your intrusion detectors provide fast detection while ignoring unwanted signals from false alarm sources.

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The DS940Q is a wall-mount, Quad Passive Infrared Intrusion Detector. This detector employs two individual sensors, which operate like two PIRs in one. Each sensor is processed separately and both must activate to cause an alarm.

The DS940Q combines two PIRs that each use First Step Processing (FSP). First step processing (FSP) responds to human intruders while ignoring other sources of motion, minimizing false alarms.

You do not need to select the sensitivity levels for the application because FSP adjusts the detector's sensitivity based on signal amplitude, polarity, slope, and timing. Each sensor is processed individually, and both sensors must agree there is an alarm before the alarm relay is activated.

Features of Bosch Quad Passive Infrared PIR Sensor DS940Q - GEAS2:

  • Easy to install with flexible mounting options
  • Dual sensor/quad element design
  • 12 m x 12m Broad coverage
  • Look down coverage
  • Two separate pyroelectric elements
  • Test features-externally visible alarm LED may be disabled after installation.
  • Tamper Switch-the switch opens when the cover is removed.