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Bottomline Technologies

For more than 20 years Bottomline Technologies has been strengthening organisations by connecting them to customers and suppliers with solutions that simplify and automate financial and document workflow processes. With proven integration, Bottomline’s Enterprise Information Management (EIM) solutions enable seamless flow of business information into, through and out of your business.

Our EIM toolkit lets you take control of key stages in the enterprise information journey either discretely, or as an end-to-end approach. Bottomline can automate and manage your business workflow processes to deliver:

Inbound Document Capability
Content Integration (CI)
Enterprise Information Exchange (EIE)
Customer Communications Management (CCM)
Document Output Management (DOM)

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Serving industries such as financial services, insurance, health care, technology, communications, education, media, manufacturing and government, Bottomline provides products and services to approximately 75 of the Fortune 100 companies and 70 of the FTSE (Financial Times) 100 companies.

Complementing a strong emphasis on team success is Bottomline's support for individual growth. We take great pride and care in nurturing a productive workplace where employees experience success in a team setting, while also achieving their own career goals and development.

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