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Brackish Water Treatment | Eco-Tabs™

Supplier: Oceanic Bio

Eco-Tabs™ has been shown to be highly effective in the treatment of brackish water and due to its cost efficiency results in significant savings to the utilities and end user.

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A large percentage of fresh ground and surface water in Australia contains concentrations of dissolved salts which in many cases results in the water being of a quality which is too poor to use for drinking, industry and even mining.

Whilst desalination is often adopted as the preferred treatment process for brackish water, it is extremely expensive to implement and consumes significant amounts of energy. This results in a substantial increase in the total cost of treatment which directly effects the end user.

Benefits of Eco-Tabs™ Brackish Water Treatment:

  • The technology requires no additional expensive machinery and as a result in years of planning and construction and can be readily implemented.
  • Dependant on the dissolved solids content of each project, significant results will be evident within 3 months off beginning the treatment and at an initial and ongoing cost of less then 10% of installing and operating desalination plants for fresh water sources.
  • This technology represents a leap forward in Australia in terms of providing large amounts of usable water which is otherwise unutilised or discarded.