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Breville: "Adds spice with NX"

Supplier: Product Lifecycle Management Australasia
10 April, 2008

Cooking with design – Breville adds the spice with Unigraphics NX

This household brand in Australian consumer items is using Unigraphics NX to refine processes all the way along the lifecycle of its products.


To speed up product development time, lower prototype costs, and combine traditional design along­side a modern, Unigraphics-based environment.


Physical prototype time reduced from five days to 24 hours, consumer demands met almost instantly, simplified product refinement procedures, and an overall expansion of Breville’s design team providing employment opportunities.

OCCASIONALLY a company clocks up so many years in continuous trade its mere name becomes an eponymous presence on the business horizon.

Many Australians – perhaps the majority – are more inclined to ask for the ‘Breville’ rather than the toasted snack maker, much as the English reach for the ‘Hoover’ rather than the generic ‘vacuum cleaner’.

Although the company edict of developing product with the utmost of attention to consumer needs and expectations has changed little over the decades it has remained competitive in the electrical goods market, its system for product development has undergone extraordinary modernisation, thus positioning it as one of the world’s best in the industry.

Anyone visiting Breville’s design centre in Sydney, Australia, can see clearly that its designers like working with Unigraphics NX.

This household brand in Australian consumer items is using Unigraphics NX to refine processes all the way along the lifecycle of its products.

Having steadily moved its processes away from physical clay modelling of prototypes it now centres on the ability of Unigraphics NX to expedite product prototyping and development in these fast expanding mar­kets dictated by consumer expectation.

Its current designers know the challenge of maintaining the reputation of this long­standing Australian company. Its portfolio includes consumer household products for blending and juicing, coffee and kettles, cooking and steaming, grilling and frying, kitchen extras, processing and mixing, and toasting and snacking.

Much faster, more cost effective prototyping

With Unigraphics NX, Breville has been able to reduce from five days to less than 24 hours the time it takes to make a physical prototype while tripling the size of the design team in the last two years to meet ensuing growth.

This versatile software provides 3D design communication between Breville and its suppliers, and when an item is ready for prototyping the CAD file is easily trans­ferred to the in-house rapid prototyping machine which extrudes a real-scale physi­cal prototype in ABS plastic in a matter of hours.

Richard Hoare, Design Director at Breville, says the capabilities of Unigraphics NX meet all the company’s modelling needs, allowing faster product-to-market times and lowered operating costs.

“Ours is a unique way of working in that we combine traditional design engineering with industrial design. Our designers are all equipped with Unigraphics NX Shape Studio licenses, enabling them to design and define complex freeform surfaces while refining internal component details.

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