Bucket elevator monitoring systems

Supplier: 4B Australia By: Johnny Wheat
19 February, 2013

The correct mechanical operation of machines in any industrial environment is critical for the safety of plant, equipment and personnel.

The dangers associated with incorrectly operating machines can be extremely serious when the machines are used within potentially explosive atmospheres like that found within the grain, feed and milling industries.

Within these industries there have been thousands of explosions throughout the world, causing millions of dollars of damage and taking hundreds of lives.

For many years now it has been understood that one of the ways to eliminate the threat of explosion is to eliminate the ignition source. On bucket elevators there are three primary heat generating areas with the potential to ignite dust in the atmosphere or dust lying around the elevator.

These are heat generated by the belt slipping on the head pulley, heat generated by the belt rubbing against the elevator casing, and heat generated by bearing failure.

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