Bucket elevator safety video

Supplier: 4B Australia
04 May, 2011

Video showing where the explosion risks lie in a bucket elevator and what can be done to mitigate these risks.

Neither steel nor plastic elevator buckets themselves cause dust explosions -  and industry standards do not make any recommendation between the two.

For an explosion to happen on a bucket elevator, it needs a constant heat source, such as heat generated by the belt slipping on the head pulley, heat generated by the belt rubbing against the elevator casing, - heat generated by a misaligned pulley or heat generated by a bearing failure.

To protect a bucket elevator from dust explosions, it is vital to fit hazard monitoring equipment to monitor all these hazards: belt and pulley misalignment monitors, bearing temperature sensors, (under)speed switches.

4B offers a large range of ATEX, CSA and IECEx approved monitoring equipment, everything from a replacement sensor to a fully integrated hazard monitoring system which can be operated either as a stand-alone system or connected to a PLC

how to protect your bucket elevator from explosions