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Supplier: Beams Build

Menu Accounts - Full accounts' features allow you to post invoices, make payments, issue progress claims and receipts effortlessly. Progress Claims are displayed automatically on the screen as they become confirmed for the issue.


They will remain there until the claim is made. You are able to display jobs from any Division within any Company. An option also exists, which will allow you to enter a period where all the progress payments that are coming up for the issue can be displayed. This makes it easy to keep an eye on your cash flow.

Creditor Invoices
Invoice security checks to ensure the invoice has not been previously entered, checks to make sure the budget is not blown and checks that the user has permission to enter the invoice in the event the budget is blown. Once the order number is entered, all the details of the job are displayed. The details will include the value of the order; how much of the order has invoices against it, what the budget is for the selected job or category and how much of the category has been invoiced. Report options allow you to check any details for Contract, Supplier, Category or Order, with any of the listed combinations.
The total of all creditor invoices is displayed and once selected; all the creditors are displayed. Selecting any creditor displays all the outstanding invoices for that creditor. Payment can be made via direct payments where an .aba file is created. This file can be imported directly into banking software or onto the net. Beams, has three cheque printing formats for the user who prefers to maintain a tighter control of payments. The remittance advice can be set to print for all payments or for selected payments.
Progress Claims
Because the progress claims are displayed on the main window, it is just a matter of selecting the job, and all the claims are listed.  All contract variations that have been confirmed are displayed and can be allocated to any progress claim.  Produce a statement of all payment for your client at the click of a button.  You are able to add or delete any new claims as required.  The windows show the value of the contract and variations that have been confirmed.  Once the final claim is issued, you are prompted if you want to enter a note in the site diary which will be displayed on the front login window when maintenance is due.
Percentage Claims
Another method popular with some users is the percentage claims.  This method allows you to enter a value against each of the predetermined categories.  Claims are made using the totals of each category and issued to the client for approval.  Once the claims are issued, the new "Claimed" value is updated ready for your next claim.  The claim totals window will show the value of all the invoices entered for each category.  This makes determining how much to claim for each category as easy as clicking the "View Budgets" button.
Taxation Processing
Beams, maintains all transactions and flags them as completed once your BAS has been saved.  This means that no GST is ever lost or not accounted for.  Because of this, there is no need to enter a period start date, only the period end date is entered.  Producing your BAS is as simple as entering the date, selected either GST or PAYG or both, and clicking BAS Report.  If you have applied for an online services' certificate with the ATO, once saved, the BAS can be uploaded directly to the ATO.  You are able to double – click any line item to view what it relates to.


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