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Supplier: Beams Build

If you have ever tried to quote a job from a plan, you would know it can be a very tedious task.


Normally, you would have the plan in front of you with a pencil and a ruler. We're here to tell you that we have turned it into a thing of the past!

With Cadimage Takeoff, you can measure any plan whether it is for a house, a plumbing project, electrical work, or any other project that has a plan requiring measurements. Estimating a job used to take hours of measuring with a ruler. Now it can take significantly less time just by clicking around on the screen.
Simply load your plan into CADImage Takeoff, select the type of measurement you would like to make, and you're away. Start clicking on the perimeter of a house to measure the entire floor area, click on the plan to get the length of pipes needed for a plumbing job. The possibilities are endless.
CADImage Functions
CAD Image will open any image file; this can be a JPEG, BMP, PNG or even a PDF file. Zoom in or out of the drawing to make the process clear and concise. Select different colors as required and in Roof Mode, enter details of the project to ensure that your quantities are accurate. Items such as roof, pitch, rafter or ceiling spacings would be quite as you want to see them.
Roof Functions
Amazingly, create the roof overlays with timber sizes automatically displayed, which can be printed as per your desire. Clicking the calculate button displays all the timber lengths, which can be built straight into the job quantities. This will generate the cutting list which can be priced within Beams or forwarded to your supplier for a quotation. More than one drawing can be opened by simply adding a new tab, this saves you from the tediousness of unloading or reloading of fresh details.
Export Functions
Once all your details have been entered, you can export the entire file for further editing as required.


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