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Contracts Menu - As well being fully integrated with and including all the features of the Estimates module, the Contracts module of BEAMS allows you to control every aspect of your job.


This ranges from original estimates brought over from the Estimates module, through contract variations and purchase orders all the while providing various comprehensive and user friendly job tracking features. 

You'll never suffer scheduling nightmares again with the help of BEAMS. How long the job has been on site is also shown in days. The Current jobs' window only shows jobs that are not completed; so good housekeeping is provided for you by Beams.

Job Tracking
The comprehensive Job Tracking system in BEAMS gives you different ways to track the progress of your current contracts. This is the graph layout showing each job and current stage. This is a summary of all the schedule items for all your current jobs and allows you at a glance to keep a track of at what stage each job is. The information displayed here is linked to all Beams scheduling tools, including Beams Mobile. You see that the schedule is separated into loads, and in the event items within a load are not done in time, they will be displayed in red.
Call Forward Form
A builder's most basic and useful tool has now been updated to access an estimate's Call Forward Form as well as any contract's. This printable form is great for use on the computer, BEAMS Mobile or printed out and in the Supervisor's hand. It shows the tasks required, any purchase order that has been created and displays in red any task that has not been completed and is now behind schedule. Items displayed in green are progress payments as set up in the plan type template. These items are linked to the accounts' section and will be displayed once selected as completed. A Supervisor can also mark as completed from the site using Beams Mobile.

Job Calendar
The Job Calendar displays tasks from all current jobs on the day they're due in calendar form. You can edit and reschedule any task for any job which automatically updates the finish date of the job.  You can also print a report listing all items that are due in a selected date range.   Just check today's square to see what you have to get done.  Schedule items can be added or deleted as required, but the initial items are automatically created from your predetermined template.  The Job Calendar is linked to the Gantt Chart, call forward and Beams mobile so any changes made are reflected in all screens.
Gantt Chart
Due to popular demand, a Gantt Chart was added to BEAMS in early 2010. Using information from the Progress Schedule the Gantt Chart will show every item, the status of the item (Not Started, Requested, Ordered, Notified, Started or Finished) and the time period of the item in an illustrated chart form.  The time periods are completely editable from the Gantt Chart, so there's no messing around between windows if times need to be changed. You can also change the status of the item, view Purchase Orders relating to the item and make notes if necessary.
The fully flexible Variations system included in BEAMS allows users to create, modify and confirm contract variations. After the variations have been confirmed the contract quantities are automatically adjusted, and a Variation Certificate is spontaneously produced for you to obtain written approval from the client. The Variation Certificate includes the date, description of the variables and the delays caused by each, the cost, including GST of the variations and the number of days these variations require for an extension.
Purchase Orders
Purchase orders can be issued to suppliers or trades with the option of displaying prices.  Orders can be faxed or emailed directly to suppliers without the need to print.  Full editing features of orders, including adding notes, changing delivery dates, changing suppliers even adding or deleting line items as required.  Three formats of orders are available for selection.  Printed profiles can be created for each supplier to determine how much information is displayed on each order.  You are able to print either a selection of orders or all orders issued.  Beams also maintains a record of how and when the order was issued to the trade or supplier.
Summary Analysis
Being able to view how your job is going, is just the click of a button away. The Summary Analysis window shows how the budget compares with the original estimate. It shows the variations that have been confirmed for each category. The committed column shows the actual value of the category that has been ordered. The Accounts module shows the actual cost of creditor invoices entered in each category. A Selection button allows you to run variance comparisons between selected sections; this makes the task of pinning down the areas of erosion simple.


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