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Estimation Menu - The Estimation module of BEAMS provides all the necessary tools to complete and produce accurate, cost-effective and personalized estimates for your clients before they sign a contract.


As well as that it also gives you the tools and systems to maintain a client database, create timelines for pre-contract tasks, create pre-contract variations, quickly produce full Bills of Quantity, Addendas and Specifications and prepare colour selection reports directly from the Estimate. To make your job even easier BEAMS now includes CADImage Takeoff which lets you accurately measure any job you require straight from the plan and automatically edits the quantities of the estimate as you go.

In the Add or Edit Quantities window within BEAMS you can either add quantities to your estimate by editing each item individually or you can use the Build With Prescriptions function. This function allows you to build the main features of the buildings (for example walls, floors and windows) whilst the other Prescription items (items that are necessary for the building of the main features such as cement, bricklayers sand and cartage) are automatically calculated and added to the Estimate.  The powerful prescriptions of Beams are total user definable and users are able to create their own if required for their specific need.
Beams Categories
Beams has a three level tier structure of category – purpose – material.  In addition to this breakdown, Beams allows for an additional separation being the actual location.  This combination allows you to price anything, these selections are also totally user definable with no limitation on the number of items you can add.  For each category, you have a purpose item, these is best thought of as a sub category.  In the screen shot you see "Concrete Supply"as the category and within it is "footings concrete", "slab concrete"etc.  Then for each purpose you have a material component.
You have two methods of estimating, either Add or Edit Manually – this option allows you to enter any new record and edit all the existing records without the use of the built-in Prescriptions. The Build with Prescription option allows Beams to do most of the work while estimating. The powerful user definable prescriptions from within Beams allow you to build up a comprehensive bill of quantities in a very short amount of time. Editing any line item is as simple as double clicking the line which displays an edit window where a new material can be selected or the measure changed.
Specification – Addenda
After your estimate is complete, Beams will produce detailed addenda of your selected items for the client. The items are the actual items used within the estimate. The client will only be provided with a list of inclusions that actually exist in the estimate. You are able to add specific addenda details to each line item of the estimate to explain effectively the information displayed for the client. Provisional Sums, Prime Cost items or items that are Not Included in Contract are automatically displayed so there is no confusion.
The quotation to be produced for the client is also readily available with the ability to create a quote from standard letters or a library of standard letters. Items flagged as "Provisional Sums," "Prime Cost" or "Not Included In Contract" if selected, are included in the quotation letter. Any pre-contract variations are also included in the clients' quotation. If stage of works payments is used, then the "Cash flow" button when clicked will show all the income and expenses for the project. This is provided on the date it will be required based on the user defined plan type schedule. This allows you to confirm the value of the claims.
Job Tracking
Probably, the most important requirement is to be capable of keeping a close track of where your jobs are in the system. Being able to create a template of time line items is essential. Beams, provides a graph style feature with the ability to quickly and clearly determine where these time line items are, and whether they are running behind schedule. The schedule items can be allocated to specific users within the database. The items to be attended to will be displayed on the users' log in screen as they become due for action.
Quote Requests
Keeping track of the quotes you receive is also managed from within Beams. Suppliers can be set up to be automatically included in your request template. Firstly, all the items that you select for quotation are displayed. You send the information to the supplier and in doing so enter the date. When the quote is received you enter the date and the amount of the quotation. The colour coded amount shows at a glance which items have been received back and which are still pending. This information is available while preparing purchase orders.


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