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Supplier: Beams Build

Are your supervisors tired of carrying around a laptop with a mobile broadband card or calling the office every time they need to know something about a job?


Thanks to BEAMS Mobile, this situation is now a thing of the past! Your supervisors will be able to find out information about a job quickly and easily using our newest product.

Data that is stored in the office will be available to the supervisor with just a few button presses. The supervisor will even be able to modify things that he may need, such as changing the schedule date if things get delayed.
Send messages between the mobile device and the office, view floor plans on the go, see the items that need your current attention at a glance, look up client information. These are just some of the features of BEAMS Mobile.
BEAMS Mobile is designed to work on all iPhones, iPads and Windows Mobile Phones running Windows Mobile 6.0 or higher.
The Beams Mobile Menu
The Beams Mobile Menu allows you direct access to the database back at the office in real time. A complete list of all the jobs for the log in supervisor is displayed. Get the information for any of the clients entered into the database. The complete list of suppliers with all their contact details is always on hand. A job calendar listing all the site activities for the next week is available at a glance. Messages sent back and forth from the office to the supervisor are readily available and must be acted on.
Some of the Functions
Some of the functions available to the supervisor are:
  • Schedule Status – there are 6 status stages from "not started" to "finished".
  • Schedule Date – Make changes to the date the item is required.
  • Order Details – Send the order direct from the device – email to the trade or supplier as selected.
  • Change the supplier – a selection is available from the database.
  • Add Notes – these are maintained in the job diary.
  • View Client Details – as available from the Beams database.
  • View Budget Details – all items listed in the job are displayed for the supervisor.
  • View Plan Selection
Available also for the supervisor is every PDF plan for all his specific jobs. Beams, stores the folder of the plans and drawings for each job. All the drawings within that folder are displayed instantly with no searching required. There is no limit to the number of drawings within the folder. Because PDF files are shown, any document will be displayed. This means that the most up to date drawings and documents can be in one location and accessible by all.
If any change in the plans occurs, a message from the Beams message centre can be sent to Beams mobile. This message must be accepted by the supervisor so it cannot be said, "I didn't get it" or "I wasn't given a copy of the latest plans."
PDF Viewer
The device zoom features enable the supervisor to confirm all drawing details on the site. Consider how convenient it would be to be able to bring up all the drawings or plans for a selected job. The need to carry around files of plans and sections or their details, is a thing of the past.


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