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Building or moving to a new home? Home Security Ideas

Supplier: 24 Seven Alarms
22 May, 2009

Since buying or building a house is likely to be the biggest purchase you ever make, protecting it and those who live in it will likely be high on your list of priorities.

Victoria Police statistics show that during 2007/08 there were on average 136 burglaries each day throughout the state and with the economic downtown already leading to an increase in these figures, some agencies predict a 50% rise in the incidences of home burglaries for the years 2009/10.


Installing a security alarm greatly reduces the risk of your home being targeted and whilst we can and should insure our valuables, every family has items that are irreplaceable in terms of sentimental value. Having visible measures of protection such as a siren and strobe displayed on the outside of your home and stickers from your security provider on your windows will obviously make your home less appealing to a potential thief.


If you are building a new home, cabling for a security alarm can easily be completed at frame stage or you can choose one of the highly efficient wireless alarms on the market which make it easy to add sensors to unconnected buildings on the property such as sheds or stables. Whether you choose a hard wired or wireless option with reed switches, motion sensors or a combination, there are an abundance of alarm options.


Video intercoms have numerous advantages and can greatly add to a family’s feeling of security. Obviously, having an intercom at the front door you are able to see who the visitor is and whether you feel comfortable opening the door to them but you can also incorporate gate or door electronic access control with this, ensuring that after your visitor has entered the residence the door is automatically locked securely behind them.


In terms of alarm monitoring, with the prevalence of mobile phones it has never been easier to have greater personal control over your home alarm. Many of our clients now opt for an SMS module to be fitted to their home alarm at the time of installation. For the cost of a text message they can be assured that their home is secure. Of course, control room monitoring is also an option and selecting this often provides a saving on your home insurance premiums.


Whatever you decide your family needs to feel safe, we have it.