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Building Wrap | Tyvek Homewrap

Supplier: Treco Steel

Building Wrap, Tyvek Homewrap is very effective that saves money in the long run and protects what is always a significant financial investment.

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Building Wrap | Tyvek Homewrap

A building membrane, installed under the outer cladding, should facilitate vapour permeability, allowing moisture to escape to aid in the prevention of mould and mildew. At the same time, it should form a protective skin against wind and rain to prevent costly water damage and provide a dry, comfortable, healthy and energy efficient living space.

Tyvek Homewrap – The Hole Story

The difference between Tyvek HomeWrap and other commonly used building membranes is the absence of punched holes and perforations which can result in water leakage through the wrap.

The continuous microfiber web in Tyvek HomeWrap has microscopic pores, large enough for vapour to pass through, but small enough to resist air and liquid water penetration. Other membranes rely on mechanical perforations and/or film laminations, which means either holes too small to allow moisture to escape or too large, allowing bulk water in.

A building membrane with real breathability.So, why choose Tyvek HomeWrap

Because It Works

DuPont created Tyvek HomeWrap to provide a balance of properties for superior performance against the elements and optimal protection against the effects of weather and the ingress of moisture. In simple terms this means letting the vapour out (breathability), resisting air infiltration and preventing water intrusion.

Because It Protects You

When it comes to the potential for future concerns about the integrity of the building and possible litigation, you can be confident that Tyvek® HomeWrap provides the very best protection available.

Because It Is Easy To Use

Tyvek HomeWrap is lightweight, quick and easy to fix, yet extremely strong and durable. You’ll be impressed with how convenient and effective it is to use as a building material and, of course, any time you save in wrapping and cladding is a major business and financial positive.