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Bulbeck EnviroSolutions has the largest range of oil spill and environmental equipment throughout Australia and the South Pacific for you to choose from. We are Agents for Elastec/American Marine, the largest manufacturer of Oil Spill Equipment in North America, with products being used in over 140 countries! That means world class oil equipment to you, wherever you need it.

Bulbeck Envirosolutions can supply you with products and services that cover all aspects of Spill Control and Hydrocarbon Waste Management, from the supply of Spill Kits, Absorbent Products, Containment Booms, Skimmers, Training and Site Audit options. We also supply Water Treatment / Recycling Systems, High Temperature Incinerators, also suitable for Medical Waste and Drug destruction, Vacuum Units, Parts Cleaning Machines and Hydrocarbon Waste Disposal options to suit your applications.

In recent years Bulbeck Envirosolutions has expanded its Spill Control Management, Training and Auditing business, and is now supplying an ever increasing number of business sectors including, but not limited to, Marine, Maritime, Mining, Heavy Industry, Oil, Fuel, Logistics, Power Generation, Water Supply, Manufacturing, Warehousing, Transport, Construction, Health Services, Australian Armed Forces, Emergency Services and local Government instrumentalities.

This development was in response to the ever-increasing requests for risk management systems, training and audits for sites, facilities and operations in respect to the protection of the environment and Hydrocarbon waste disposal options.

Other areas where we are assisting in protecting our environment is providing options to remote locations for disposal of contaminated waste that may otherwise have ended up in a landfill facility. These options include High Temperature Burner Units, Combination Vacuum / Cleaning Units, Oil Skimmers, Containment Booms and a range of Absorbent products and Materials.

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Bulbeck Envirosolutions has recently been engaged by the Australian Navy to supply Containment Booms, which are to be deployed in the event of a contamination spill at sea. Following trials of the Containment Boom a Navy spokesperson said the Booms were the "Porsche of Booms"

Our Products include Oil Spill Equipment (containment boom, spill kits, skimmers, boom vanes, and dispersant application equipment), Incinerators, Medical Waste Incinerators, Parts Cleaning Machines, Waste Water Treatment Systems, Safety and Degreasing products, Cleaning Rags and Flood Control.
We have the biggest stock holding of Oil Spill Containment Booms in Australia, ready for immediate shipment and deployment. Oil Spill Booms are built to ASTM International Standards and are available for offshore, near shore, fast current rivers and calm water applications.

Emergency Response Spill Kits for oil and chemical spills are available in an extensive range. Plus we sell a huge range of spill control containment and clean up products used for everyday workshop, industry and workplace spills.

Our range of Incinerators includes the Mediburn Incinerator for medical waste at small and remote hospitals and clinics. We also supply the SmartAsh for general refuse, oil disposal and drug disposal.

We manufacture and service a range of Parts Cleaning Machines at Bullbeck including Hot Spray Wash Machines, Conventional Solvent Parts Cleaning Machines, Grit Blasting and Gun Wash Machines, and offer an extensive range of Waste Water Treatment Systems.

Our Cleaning and Industrial Rag divisions provide high-quality Cleaning Rags and a range of Cleaning, Degreasing and Safety Products to our customers.

The Flood Barrier is a product we offer for temporary Flood Control and replaces thousands of sand bags that would normally be required.

Bulbeck EnviroSolutions’ motto is “Delivering Peace of Mind” and we do this by providing our customers with the best products and training available.

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