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Bushfire Safety for LPG Cylinders

Supplier: Elgas Limited
23 January, 2008

As a result of recent bushfires, customers have become increasingly aware of the need to be reassured that their LPGas cylinders will not contribute to any further escalation of potential fire damage.

Elgas therefore strongly recommends the following simple procedures that have proved effective in the past.

For any installation, check as follows:

1. Remove flammable materials away from gas cylinders.

2. Ensure cylinders are upright and secured on a firm base.

3. Ensure the cylinder safety relief valves are directed away from the building and from each other.

4. Ensure the cylinder valves are easily turned "off".

If a bushfire approaches:

1. Turn off all cylinder valves and appliances in the home. Don't forget BBQ / caravan / workshop cylinders.

2. Ring the fire brigade and follow instructions.

3. Leave cylinder in place (do not attempt to disconnect, remove or lay the cylinders on their side).

4. Spray top of cylinder with water if available, but only while fire is at a safe distance. (This could be done while hosing roof and gutters).