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Business Forecasting

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Forecasting is anticipating what your company expects to sell in a future period. Our aim is to work with our clients to develop a cash-flow strategy that optimises inventory investment which consists of a forecast, an inventory policy and decision making based on a situational analysis.

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There are various forecasting methods that can be applied, these being:

  • Qualitative Models - These incorporate judgement and subjective factors. Models used include: Delphi Method, Jury of executive opinion, Sales force composite and Market survey.
  • Time Series - These models are based on historical data and include: Time Series Methods (Naive, Moving Averages, Weighted Moving Averages,Exponential smoothing),Trend analysis, and Seasonality analysis.
  • Causal - Incorporates factors that influence the quantity being forecasted, models being: Simple Regression analysis and Multiple regression analysis.