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Business Intelligence Reporting - XLCubed

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Business Intelligence Reporting - XLCubed unites your business with a common picture for understanding and improving corporate performance.

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Business Intelligence Reporting - XLCubed provides the big picture you need to drive your company's success. Delivering a shared understanding of key data across the whole organization enabling you to monitor and improve corporate performance. Business Intelligence Reporting - XLCubed brings together all the key BI capabilities you need, including performance dashboards, business analysis, business reporting, and performance scorecards.

Benefits for your business

Business Intelligence Reporting - XLCubed unites your business with a common picture for understanding and improving corporate performance. Your business can benefit in many ways:

Focus your business through a centralized information portal. Business Intelligence Reporting - XLCubed allows you to define business objectives that are visible and measurable across the whole company. This brings your plans and budgets to life with a central system that can be reviewed hourly, daily, weekly - not just once a month or once a quarter.

Proactively detect issues and opportunities at the earliest possible stage. When objectives aren't met, the system will alert you and allow you to analyse, understand and report on the underlying problems.

Provide a shared understanding of performance across the organization Present a clear, consistent view of corporate information to help all your employees make better decisions and improve performance. Improve the way your business accesses, analyses and presents one of your most valuable assets - your data.

Reduce manual reports and processes with automation.Many businesses spend a huge amount of staff time and money on creating manual reports and spreadsheets, particularly for end-of-month financial reports. Business Intelligence Reporting - XLCubed lets you automate the reporting process in a central system that can be accessed across the business.

Provide self-service information
Managers and executives can access information anytime, anywhere. No longer do they need to make successive requests through others who may have alternate priorities or limited resources at peak times.

Enable fact-based decision-making
With accurate company information at their fingertips, employees at all levels can make more informed decisions to maximize performance.

Improve data accuracy and minimize errors. Offline, decentralized reports and spreadsheets are prone to errors that can affect your business performance. Find a smarter way of working by using an online, automated and centralized system for reporting and improve the accuracy of your reporting and analysis.

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