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Business process modeling & analysis

Supplier: SoftExpert
01 March, 2010

Clearing your path to business process excellence.

Every business is essentially a collection of processes - strategic, tactical and operational - regardless of the size or the industry in which it operates.

In today's challenging economic climate, organizations are looking for ways to improve the efficiency of processes that have a positive impact on financial performance.

Efficient business processes allow a company to deliver products and services to customers faster than the competition and respond promptly to changing market requirements.

In order to manage their business processes, organizations must first capture and design them. These processes must be documented in some common, easy-to-use and understandable format and language. They require a modelling tool that allows business people to easily describe and document their processes.

SE Process is a powerful web-based process modeller that helps users get started with end-to-end business process management. With its RIA (Rich Internet Application) architecture and enhanced Web 2.0 user interface, SE Process allows even non-technical users to design professional business processes.

SE Process is focused on business users and is an ideal tool for organizations that want to deploy a comprehensive solution for discovering, modelling, simulating, publishing and optimizing business processes.

SE Process allows users to create any type of process by simply dragging and dropping process elements onto swim lanes. This includes browsing the organizational structure and mapping enterprise roles to process roles.

SE Process offers a set of tools that empower business users to write business logic, connect to existing applications and assemble user interfaces for human interaction.

SE Process stores process models in a central repository, which allows multiple modellers to work on developing and maintaining process models concurrently. Furthermore, the web-based deployment makes business process knowledge permanently accessible to users. This enterprise process repository guarantees simple navigation through multiple levels of process hierarchy.

SE Process also offers a fully integrated simulation designer that allows business users to set attributes into "what-if" scenarios, such as activity duration, costs, resource use, executors and cycle times, among other variables. The simulator provides a powerful animation, allowing for up-to-the-second analyses of process performance.

The concepts and features provided by SE Process meet all requirements established by international standards and regulations, such as ISO 9000, ISO 14000, SOX, COSO, FDA, ISO 22000 [HACCP], ISO 20000 [ITIL], COBIT, OHSAS 18000, ISO/TS 16949, ISO/IEC 17025 and PMBOK and others.