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Business Process Workshop

Supplier: Opsis

A successful implementation of CRM or any other line of business application will dovetail closely with your business processes.

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Many businesses, especially smaller businesses, have never formally documented and sometimes have not even studied their business processes.  Other businesses may have documented their processes some time ago, but over time the actual processes followed have changed from those that were documented. 

This can create some challenges for an organisation when they implement CRM, because if the business processes cannot be accurately described to the people implementing CRM, it is unlikely that the resulting implementation will be satisfactory.  The users will probably find it awkward or the management may be dissatisfied at the inability to get the reports that they need.

Some businesses even think that they do not have business processes.  But if that were true, they would be doing nothing.  A business process is simply how you conduct your business.

Another pitfall into which many fall is implementing an already broken business process.  An example of a broken process is one where there is unnecessary transfer of control or information from person to person.  This may come about because an organisation has little automation or sharing of information, perhaps because of multiple small applications or files such as spreadsheets so the control has to pass to the person who can access the information.  From a CRM perspective this is broken because both the customers and the users will likely be dissatisfied.

When we do a business process workshop with you we work with your key people to understand how those processes that will be affected by CRM should be run, ensuring that we consider them from both a user’s viewpointand that all the necessary reports can be produced.

After the workshop we will give you a report which shows your documented business processes and from which your CRM implementation can progress.