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Supplier: C.S. Packages

C.S. Packgaes is an Authorised Developer for a number of off the shelf accounting products including Sybiz, Advanced Business Manager (ABM). This allows us to tailor the Modules to user requirements.

Price Guide: POA

Back to Back Ordering
The Back to Back Ordering uses customer sales orders processed in Vision to create supplier purchase orders. This is triggered for customers that have the Back to Back option set to Yes on the customer file. You cannot create an order for a sales order that already has a purchase order.

There are 2 ways to use the program:
1.  When a sales order is processed you will be asked "Process a 
     back to back order?". If you answer Yes then the Sales order 
     selection screen will be opened and the saved order will be

2.  Go to the top utilities menu and select Back to Back orders. This
     will open the sales order selection screen and all sales orders that  
     do not have a back to back order will be displayed.

General Ledger Consolidation
This utility consolidates the general ledger accounts from multiple selected Vision companies intoa  separate consolidation company and prints a Profit/Loss and Balance sheet for the period being consolidated.

Stock Ordering & Container Management
This module is designed to create orders to fill shipping containers. It reads inventory details from teh Vision database and creates suggested purchase orders container by container based on sales history plus stock on hand and existing purchase orders. Each suggested order has the option to use a selected date range for average sales as well as an expected sales growth percentage.

Stock Ordering by Product Group
This module allows purchase orders to be created for specific product groups and suppliers with user intervention/overrides to ensure fast accurate ordering. Proforma orders can be created and fine tuned prior to being created in the Vision database. The system remembers previous selections to allow fast processing and to allow proforma orders to be reviewed.

Cash Flow Budgetting
This module has been designed to forecast the cash usage based on the Vision database and some external parameters. Items that are used to calculate this are as follows:

1. Bank Balance at a specified point in time.

2. Debtors outstanding invoices due based on Customer Trading 

3. Suppliers outstanding invoices due, based on Supplier trading 

4. Suppliers pro-forma orders and the payment terms associated with 
    the order.

5. GST payable/receivable based on items 2,3.

6. Cash Budget figures stored in the Vision General Ledger cash 
    budget (eg Wages proportioned according to the date for


7. External parameter e.g Fund transfers in or out of the Cash Flow.

A trade refinance option is also available where outstanding suppliers may be handed over to a refinance facility.

Job Estimate & Purchase Orders
The estimate update will be used to perform 'what-if' functions on an estaimate by altering markup percentages and costs to determine the effect to the overall estimate based on changes that may occur in the market. There is also the function to syncronise current inventory average costs to the estimate prior to the job being costed. Purchase Orders can be created and emailed directly from Job Estimates as well. A report on the changes or proposed changes is also included.

Requisition Management
The requisitions module allows remote terminal server user to create purchase requisitions that can be printed at a site and validated prior to being created as a purchase order in Vision. Requisitions can be a quote or an Estimate. Once requisitions have been authorised, they are transferred into Vision as a Purchase Order and printed at the site if previously unauthorised.

Cost Centre Validation
When a purchase order or job cost entry is processed, the pgoram will check the transactions cost centres. If the cost centres don't correspond to those used on the job's estimate it will allow them to be changed via a grid. Only incorrect cost centres are displayed in the grid.

Debt Collection & Recovery

The debt recovery module is a step by step process that moves customers with outstanding balances through several stages until they are eventually placed in the hands of a collection house. This module has preset stages that include the creation of collection reports as well as mail merge files for use with your Word Processor. When a customer gets to a sufficeintly high stage their account is put on credit hold.

Price Markup
The price markup utility allows Sybiz Vision users to set and retain specific percentage markups for each inventory group and price and to selectively update prices on file.