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Supplier: C.S. Packages

C.S. Packages has developed customised Add-on Utilities to tailor customers requirements. Below is a list of a few solutions we have developed.

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Timesheet Management
The timesheet program allows Vision timesheets to be entered and editted. Charge rates can also be adjusted on a timesheet where no charge or a varying charge rate is to be attributed to the job. Timesheets can then be selected and edited rather than manually reversing timesheets. A timesheet report that list times by employee for a date range is also included with this program. This program can run from within the Vision menus or as a stand-alone function from your desktop.

Viewer Lookup
An alternate grid based lookup and maintenance program with a specific emphasis on multi field and multi level searches plus searches on purchase order activity.

Job to Stock Transfers
When purchase orders are placed for inventory and these are specifically for a job, this allows items to be automatically transferred to the job at delivery time. This ensures inventory has a full picture of purchases and usage.

Delivery Management
This process will allow you to select multiple jobs for a specified customer and print job details for each job onto a single delivery docket. The delivery docket will be automatically numbered and this number will be written back onto the jobs that were printed.

Transaction Management
This utility is designed to update, correct or transfer existing transactions.

Suppliers Return Utility
When a supplier return is processed, the program will prompt for various details and save these details to a data file which can be reported on later. The program will then automatically print a supplier return form.

Intercompany Transactions Utility
This program allows 2 types of transactions that will be processed between companies. These are Supplier Invoices and Customer Invoices. Once a transaction has been entered in the first company and processed for an intercompany supplier or customer, a question will be asked "Send invoice to Associated Company". If the operator answers Yes then the transaction will automatically be created in the associated company.

Purchase Orders by Departments
This program allows purchase orders to general ledger to be split by percentage across mulitple GL accounts. A table of valid splits (departments) controls the split.

Cheque Renumbering
The cheque renumbering utility allows a range of cheques to be renumbered sequentially, starting at a new cheque number. Only cheques that have not yet been printed on a batch log can be renumbered. This is useful where preprinted cheques are used and there is a printing problem. Just reallocate the cheque numbers from a certain point.

Quote Generator
The quote generator allows a series of questions and answers to be created by the user which will lead a sales rep through the process of building a product that has multiple options. The quote that is built is liked to inventory and provides an accumulated price/cost based on the options selected.

Sales Invoice/Order Labels
This program prints labels from invoices and orders. It iwll run when the user clicks "Next Line" in the sales invoice/order screen. It can also be run via a breakpoint on the utilities menu, in which case it will prompt for a product code.