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Businesses Beware

Supplier: Centurion Protect
05 August, 2009

Every year, businesses hard earned profits are walking straight out the door. That story is nothing new, but the shallow, ever so moody economy is.

As consumers save what’s in their wallets and not spend, others think about grabbing something for nothing. Some will steal to make it through these tough economic times, some will do it because they have made it their profession, and some, mostly teens, will steal for the thrill of it or due to peer pressure. To combat all this, businesses need to make plans of their own aimed at prevention and apprehension.

Troy Cassell Centurion Home & Business Security’s Managing Director is forecasting increased shoplifting and theft - crimes through these tough times like never before. To make matters worse, there are fewer security and sales staff on the lookout for suspicious shoppers. Because of this, businesses are at greater risk.
There will be a new and different type of shoplifter targeting retailers. “Clearly, shoplifting is going to be a bigger problem than in years past. Times of financial stress could drive individuals who normally would not consider shoplifting, to reconsider attempting this crime,” Cassell said.