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Top Appliance Tester Suppliers

Fluke Portable Appliance Testers Fluke 6500-2
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Portable Appliance Testers Fluke 6500 2
Fluke Australia
Baulkham Hills, NSW
1300 135 8..
Employees: 6-20
Aegis Portable Appliance Tester Kit
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Australian designed and manufactured for testing electrical appliances to power electrical safety Standards of AS/NZS 3760.
Wagner Electronic Services
Summer Hill, NSW
02 9798 92..
Distribution: Australia & New Zealand
Established: 1984
Employees: 21-50
Metrel DeltaGT Portable Appliance Tester | MI 3309
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The MI 3309 DeltaGT Portbable Appliance Tester with Bluetooth printer package from Zedflo, is a multifunction PAT with Bluetooth test tag printer which pairs to your Android phone/tablet for control.
Zedflo Australia
Wangara, WA
08 9302 12..
Distribution: Australia & New Zealand
Established: 1982
Employees: 6-20
Memberships: IICA
Certifications: ISO/IEC 17025
Customers: Oil/Gas, Process, Mining & Chemical industries.
Kyoritsu 6205 Portable Appliance Tester
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This Portable Appliance Tester Complies to AS / NZS 3760. Protect life and property from faulty appliances with this tester.
OBIAT Electronics Pty Ltd
Castle Hill, NSW
02 9748 86..
Distribution: Australia Wide
Established: 1986
Employees: 1-5
Customers: Electricians, Power, Mining, End Users
Electrical Appliance Testers Calibration Services
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No matter what the test is you’re performing, you need to guarantee that your portable electrical appliance testing equipment (PAT testers) are accurate and working reliably.
HK Calibration Technologies
North Parramatta, NSW
1300 309 8..
Distribution: Australia & New Zealand
Employees: 6-20
Test and Tag Kit Appliance Testers with Printer - TnP-500BWX
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The TnP-500BWX is a test and tag kit, featuring automated Battery Powered Test and Tag System with Wireless Barcode Scanner, Tag Printer & 20A Load Test.
Test Equipment
Cleveland, QLD
1800 837 8..
Appliance Testers / Test"N Tag" Appliance Tester
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An Easier and Faster Way to Test & Tag.
Gunnedah, NSW
02 6742 21..
TNT-B Appliance Testers
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TNT-B is our most basic Portable Appliance Tester. This PAT conducts all basic Tests required under AS/NZS3760 & is very easy to use.
Tags Direct
, Not Selected
1300 656 9..
Fluke Portable Appliance Testers | 6200-2
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Fluke Simplifies Portable Appliance Testing
Triplepoint Calibrations
08 8346 44..
TRISAN Appliance Testers I Nanto
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The NANTO is a handheld portable appliance tester customised for and marketed by Trio Test and Measurement Pty. Ltd.
Kent Town, SA
(08) 8363 17..
Appliance Tester Description

Find and buy an appliance tester from verified suppliers on IndustrySearch. An appliance tester is a collection of testing gadgets built into one package for accurate, easy, and quick testing of electrical appliances.

Things to consider when buying an appliance tester:

  • Type of tester - There are different types of appliance testers you can choose from starting from the entry-level models to advanced models. They include pass/fail testers, manual testers, downloadable testers, and testers displaying results.
  • Frequency of appliance testing - The number of times you need to test appliances is also another key factor to keep in mind. If you operate a test and tag business, choose an advanced model. However, if you don’t plan to use the tester frequently, buy a basic or a mid-range appliance tester.
  • Recording results - How do you plan on recording your results? You can choose to write your results by hand, but it will be tiring if you have hundreds of appliances to test. Instead, you can use a printer, scanner, or buy a downloadable appliance tester that can automatically store results, and it’s quicker and time-saving.
  • Earth bond testing - Before you purchase an appliance tester, consider if you are required to test earthed appliances for earth bond. If you are supposed to conduct an earth bond test make sure you choose one with the right ampere rating.


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Appliance Tester Insights

Find 10 Appliance Testers in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth & Sydney for sale on IndustrySearch Australia.

The cost of listed Appliance Testers ranges between $2,713 and $5,495, averaging at $4,104.

Most popular suppliers and brands for Appliance Testers on IndustrySearch are Fluke Australia, Wagner Electronic Services, Zedflo Australia, HK Calibration Technologies, OBIAT Electronics Pty Ltd, Test Equipment.