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Highest level of service and quality.
Northrop Grumman CEO Laser Diodes Arrays & DPSS Modules
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Cutting Edge Optronics (CEO) is the leading provider of high-power diode laser arrays, high power pump modules and DPSS lasers.
LightOptronics Aust.
Seaford Rise, SA
08 8327 18..
Distribution: Australia and New Zealand
Established: 2005
Employees: 1-5
Customers: Cavotec Australia, ODS, Rio Tinto, Thyssen Krupp, Ellex Medical, DST, Fugro
500V Capacitors | Silver Mica
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Silver Mica 500V Capacitors are the best sounding capacitors for audio, tone and filter circuits, etc.
Wagner Electronic Services
Summer Hill, NSW
02 9798 92..
Distribution: Australia & New Zealand
Established: 1984
Employees: 21-50
Flat Base Rectifier Diodes
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We stock a large range of spare parts and have a service department for the repairs and service of most brands of rectifiers.
Australian Rectifiers
Hoppers Crossing, VIC
03 9369 45..
Distribution: Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia & Worldwide
Established: 1987
Employees: 6-20
Memberships: AISF
Certifications: CE, RCM Mark (EMC & Safety)
Customers: Energy Australia, Ergon Energy, Ramset Reid, AGL
Keystone 2-in-1 Fuse Holders | Electronic Components
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Keystone Electronics has expanded its successful series of low insertion force, reliable and compact 2-in-1 THM automotive blade fuse holders to incorporate surface mount technologies.
Kilkenny, SA
08 8268 27..
Distribution: Australia, NZ, Malaysia, South Africa, PNG
Established: 1986
Employees: 6-20
Customers: Electrolux, CSIRO, Seeley Int, Climate Tech
Laser Diodes
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nLIGHT is a leading supplier and innovator of high-power semiconductor lasers and fibers for industrial, medical, defense and consumer applications.
Thebarton, SA
08 8443 86..
Trolex Ex Electrical Connectors | TX3700/TX3701/TX3710/TX3711
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Extremely robust, high-quality, multi pin connectors suitable for heavy-duty hazardous area applications.
Trident Australia
Canning Vale, WA
08 9456 13..
Distribution: Australia, New Zealand, Asia
Established: 1998
Employees: 21-50
Memberships: ICN
Certifications: ISO9001, ISO/IEC 17025
Sensor Components
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Koloona Industries supplies a variety of Sensor Components to the Australian and New Zealand electronics manufacturing industry.
Koloona Industries
Ingleburn , NSW
02 9829 16..
ITT Cannon Electrical Connectors - Wire Connectors
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Electrical Connectors - Wire Connectors, ITT Cannon connectors are the preferred, high-reliability choice of mission-critical applications such as airframes, avionics, in outer space, missiles, submarines, medical, industrial, gas meters and traffic signals.
Cambridge Technologies
03 8336 10..
Inductors and Transformers
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Process and inductor design are the core strength of our business. We can design and supply inductors for any application ranging from forging to highly sophisticated gear hardening inductors.
I & R Pauk IHS
Malaga, WA
(08) 9209 22..
Capacitors | ABB
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ABB Capacitors - The dielectric of the capacitor windings is made of in-house metallised polypropylene film resulting in exceptional properties.
High Technology Control
Padstow, NSW
02 9771 40..
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Most popular suppliers and brands for Electronics Components on IndustrySearch are LightOptronics Aust., Wagner Electronic Services, NPA, Australian Rectifiers, Trident Australia, Lastek.