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Top Lifting Sling & Shackle Suppliers

Grade 80 Four Leg Chain Sling 10mm X 3mt
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Grade 80 Four Leg Chain Sling 10mm X 3mt
Price Guide: $836
Supplier: HiCraft Workwear & Safety
1300 088 0..
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WTSSHK-B-HL Wireless Bow Load Shackle
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Effective for measuring tensile loads.
The WTSSHK-B-HL range of telemetry load shackles are manufactured using the GN rope H10 shackle.
Supplier: AMS Instrumentation & Calibration
03 9017 82..
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Customers: BHP, Santos, Shell, Australian Navy, Coca Cola, CSL, ANSTO, Rio Tinto, FMG, Oil Search
Welded Steel “Mega Mac” Drag Chain | MAC Chain Slings
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For Grain Processing & Forest Products
Supplier: Keymatic Technologies
02 6651 81..
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Nobles Lifting Sling & Shackle | Grade S 13760
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Nobles are a leading stockist of Grade S shackles which are ideal for 4wd recovery.
Supplier: SLS Cranes
08 9434 17..
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Available in Bow or Dee styles in black or galvanised mild steel, low carbon steel (Grade L), high carbon steel (Grade M), alloy (Grade S), and stainless steel, shackles are used for a wide variety of applications such as joining of chains, slings, and wire ropes. Available in standard sizes ranging from 5mm to 38mm, and special sizes up to 1000 tonne, shackles come in both load rated and commercial grade specification.
Supplier: LB Wire Ropes
02 9631 88..
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Stainless steel is not maintenance free, but maintenance friendly.
Supplier: Bridco
07 5593 5688 -NOT F..
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Ranger Grade S Shackles
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The Screw Pin Bow Shackles are most commonly used for lifting applications, providing connections to chain, Wire Rope and other rated fittings within the Marine, Agricultural, Mining and Engineering Industries.
Supplier: Ranger
1300 754 6..
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Wireless Shackle Load Cell
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This simple to install wireless version bow shackle load cell ranges from 1-400 tonne capacity.
Supplier: Australian Calibrating Services
03 9417 56..
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Telemetry Load Sensing Shackles | King
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King Telemetry Load Sensing Shackles - An amazing weighing device.
Supplier: King Materials Handling
02 9623 448..
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Lifting Chain Slings
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Lifting Victoria can supply and assemble chain slings in a variety of configurations including single leg, multi-leg (2, 3 or 4) or endless slings.
Supplier: Lifting Victoria
03 5229 95..
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Lifting Sling & Shackle Insights

Find 10 Lifting Slings & Shackles in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth & Sydney for sale on IndustrySearch Australia.

The cost of listed Lifting Slings & Shackles is approximately $836.

Most popular suppliers and brands for Lifting Slings & Shackles on IndustrySearch are HiCraft Workwear & Safety, AMS Instrumentation & Calibration, Keymatic Technologies.