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Oscilloscope & Spectrum Analyser Description

Find and buy oscilloscopes and spectrum analysers from verified suppliers on IndustrySearch. Oscilloscopes and spectrum analysers are electronic test instruments for observing signals as a function of time and as a function of frequency respectively.

Things to consider when buying oscilloscopes and spectrum analysers:

  • Know your application - Important factors to know before getting started are portability needs, number of signal inputs, desired sample rate per second, signal amplitude and frequency range, and whether you solely need an oscilloscope, a spectrum analyzer or a machine that combines both functions
  • Calculate your instrument’s required memory - Depending on your required sample rate per second, calculate the total amount of storage memory you need to log data for your required logging time.
  • Choose your oscilloscope’s number of channels - Oscilloscopes with 2 or 4 channels are available, which offer the user multiple signals comparison capabilities, in real-time.
  • Know your bandwidth - Apart from simple signal waveforms, signals often include higher frequency harmonics, requiring a higher bandwidth than initially expected. A rule of thumb is to select an instrument with a bandwidth five times higher than the maximum signal frequency you wish to measure.
  • Choose for appropriate accuracy - Oscilloscopes and spectrum analysers come in a variety of frequency and level accuracy. Make sure you select an instrument with the appropriate accuracy levels for your application.
  • Consider specialized application requirements - Specialized requirements include oscilloscopes with 12 or 16 bit resolution, small instrument form factor and increased portability requirements, spectrum analyzers with increased bandwidth resolution and low sweep speeds requirements.

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