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Top Plastic Cap & Plug Suppliers

Tapered Plug - T-Plugs Supplier
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T-Plugs are an excellent option when you need a low-cost, effective product to protect tubing ends, threads and ports during shipping and storage.
Supplier: StockCap
02 9627 32..
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NPA Vinyl End Caps
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Supplier: NPA
08 8268 27..
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Customers: Electrolux, CSIRO, Seeley Int, Climate Tech
Stockcap End Caps | C Series
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Low cost
C Series End Caps provide excellent protection.
Supplier: Hi-Q Components
+ 64 9 415 33..
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Customers: Gallagher Group, Fisher & Paykel, Skope Industries
Signet Speed Humps & End Caps
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When you choose Signet's Speed Humps/End Caps, you reap the following benefits:
Supplier: Signet
13 74 ..
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Fencing Product | Plastic End Caps Round
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Fencing Product, Plastic End Caps Round is UV protected and long lasting closures is continuing to grow as we expand into new territories throughout australia.
Supplier: SDI Plastics
61 7 3807 866..
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Rupture Disc Plugs | Elfab
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Elfab Rupture Disc Plugs are a simple to install pressure relief solution.
Supplier: Pressure and Safety Systems
03 9699 73..
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Extra Long Caps - PM Series
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Extra Long Caps PM series caps are often used to protect the cut ends of telecommunication and electrical cables or where the protection requirements of shafts or tubing call for their increased length over the SC series.
Supplier: Essentra Australia
02 9638 01..
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Plastic Caps & Seals
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Venture Global supplies a range of caps, bungs, spanners, taps and dust covers.
Supplier: Venture Global
03 9212 32..
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Nominal Bore Pipe Protection Caps PC Series
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Nominal Bore Pipe Protection Caps PC Series
Supplier: Essentra Components
1800 377 1..
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Plastic Cap & Plug Description

 Plastic isn't just made of plastic, it also contains vinyl, nylon, silicone and rubber. Each type of plastic has its own specifications and benefits. 

  • Consider using rubber caps and plugs if you're looking for flexible caps that are extremely tolerant to heat (up to 315 degrees Celsius).
  • Silicone caps and plugs are medium resistant to heat (up to 246 degrees Celsius), but are very flexible and providing a thight seal, so useful as noise inhibitors.
  • Vinyl caps and plugs are the most economical choice if heat resistance is not crucial. 
  • Nylon caps and plugs are strong and suitable for a range of base materials. 
  • Consider metal caps and plugs if extra durability and strenght are needed such as harsh environmental conditions. 

Plastic Cap & Plug Insights

Find 9 Plastic Caps & Plugs in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne & Sydney for sale on IndustrySearch Australia.

Most popular suppliers and brands for Plastic Caps & Plugs on IndustrySearch are StockCap, NPA, Hi-Q Components.