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Cable Adapters - Glenair

Supplier: Cambridge Technologies
19 June, 2010

Glenair, Relying on the typical 'self locking' coupling does not provide any assurance against improper seating between the connector and backshell.

Cable Adapters - Glenair

Sunbank Self Seating Adapters

As technology advanced into the 21st century, demand for superior performing, interconnect hardware has grown; especially, where it relates to a more secure threaded union between the connector interface and the load bearing backshell. With dynamic forces such as: Vibration, Shock, Temperature Cycling, and Bend Moment, the use of a captive 'spin coupling' has traditionally been specified to prevent any de-coupling activity. Further complicating the assemblage are the addition of: Lock Wire Holes, Set Screws, and Locking Compounds. Resultant labour and material costs are being borne (unnecessarily) by you, the customer.

Self Seating Products provide the superior solution; when compared to conventional 'self-locking' products available today. Self Seating Products deliver a predetermined axial load against the mating surfaces of the connector / backshell union.

This load is not reliant on the degree of backshell coupling rotation. Instead, the load is applied to the surface of the mating connector once contact is made.

The resulting union is a solid, steady, electrical / mechanical bond at the interface joint.

Because this 'engagement' occurs automatically with the Self Seating Products, no false sense of security exists; especially, when assembles in accordance with the use of existing standardized torque values.

Design facets include:

  • Eliminates Connector to Accessory Misalignment
  • Free Spinning Coupler (No Clicking)
  • Smooth Action, No Abrasion of Friction
  • DC Resistance Values Below 1 mOhm (after intentional 360° De-Coupling)
  • Fully Cross Functional to Existing Backshells
  • Lower Coupling Nut Profile, and Light Weight st2 style
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