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Cable Fault Test Equipment - CF70-12 & CF70-24 DC Cable Fault Locators

Supplier: Maceys Electrical

Product Features

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  • Proof tester, burner, thumper in one self-contained unit.
  • Burn currents to 100 mA.
  • Impulse energies of 3750 J to 7500 J.
  • Automatic and manual thumper mode.
  • Operable from line voltage or generator.
  • Single HV output for all modes.
  • Isolated and shielded return current path.
  • Zero start interlock.
  • External interlock.
  • Face panel window.
  • Mode indicator lights.
  • Electrically operated shorting solenoids with mechanical ground assurance.
  • Internal radar pickup for Model M602TDR


  • Positive fault identification and location.
  • Isolated return for increased operator safety.
  • One unit for all URD cable maintenance testing.
  • Visual ground verification.
  • Precise impulse repetition.
  • Variable impulse rate from 3 to 30 seconds.


Hipotronics CF Series testing systems for fault locating of primary cables consist of a dc proof tester, a burner and a capacitive discharge fault locator (thumper). These self-contained, portable units are rugged, reliable and compact. All models feature a continuously adjustable impulse rate from three to thirty seconds.

  • 70 kV dc proof tester.
  • 100 mA burner.
  • 0-25 kV dc thumper.
  • Operates from 120 V ac line or portable generator (220 V ac is available as an option).

Model CF70-12 is a 25 kV, 12mF thumper and the CF70-24 is a 25kV, 24 mF thumper. Both units combine a 70 kV dc proof tester, a 100 mA burner and a capacitive discharge fault locator (thumper). Absolute accuracy of the impulse repetition rate is achieved by using a unique, motorized spark gap. Each unit also has an internal radar pickup for the Model M602TDR.