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CAD CAM Software | Bob CAD-CAM

Supplier: Sheetmetal Tooling Tech

CAD CAM Software | Bob CAD-CAM Version 21 introduces new external file compatibility, powerful CAD wireframe, surface and solids technology and user friendly machining operations for 2D & 3D part making.


Version 21 proves that advanced CAD-CAM software can be powerful and loaded with part making functionality, yet still easy to use while also being affordable enough for any shop.

From basic 2D machining operations to model design and mold making BobCAD-CAM Version 21 provides you the toolpath and g-code to cut your parts FASTER...SMARTER and EASIER. The following list of features has been added to give you an idea of what Version 21 can do for your design and manufacturing requirements.

You will also be relieved to know that there are NO MAINTENANCE FEES!

File Import

  • DXF Import
  • SolidWorks File Support NEW
  • IGES Import
  • Parasolids File support NEW
  • STEP Import
  • AutoCAD DWG Import (including surfaces and solids)
  • Rhino CAD 3DM Import
  • SAT/ACIS File Import
  • DGN (Early BobCAD file format)

Surface Creation

  • Rectangular and Circular Plane
  • Planar
  • Extrude Curve
  • Extrude Surface (with or without draft angles)
  • Revolved
  • 3 Edge
  • 4 Edge
  • Sweep
  • Cross Section
  • Skin Surface
  • Multi-Sided Patch
  • Extend Surface function NEW

CAD and Solid Modeling

  • CAD-2D and 3D Design with Wireframe, Surfaces and Primitive Solids
  • Surface and solid model verification NEW
  • Solid Edit-Boolean Operations – Union, Difference and Intersection
  • Independent/Constant and Variable Radius Filleting
  • Independent and Constant Chamfering
  • Automatic “Erase Doubles” Geometry Cleanup NEW
  • Automatic Stitch surfaces to Solid
  • Automatic Un-Stitch surfaces from Solid
  • Project text and geometry onto surfaces NEW
  • Offset Surface and Solid
  • Automatic Hole Removal
  • Font Spacing NEW
  • Solid Model Rendering

Toolpath and Machining Operations

  • Definition boundary machining
  • Auto CUT, CUT Single and CUT ALL machining options
  • 3 Axis Solid or Surface Toolpath wizard for high speed machining
  • Solid part rendering
  • Isolation Surface Machining
  • Use Full Part and To Part Edge toolpath options
  • 2 Axis Milling
  • Pocketing with island avoidance or Taperight Wall
  • Automatic Spiral and Horizontal toolpath
  • Profiling - Open and Closed Shapes. Automatic Profile Wizard including variable linear and radial approach and depart. Automatic cutter compensation included
  • Engraving with solid fonts, true type fonts and Single Line Fonts
  • Bolthole Patterns – Grid and Circular
  • Planar, Radial and Spiral Toolpath Creation Wizards for solid models and Surface roughing and finishing.

3 Axis Milling

  • Horizontal Z Axis Roughing
  • Horizontal Z Axis Finishing
  • Spiral Z Axis Roughing
  • Spiral Z Axis Finishing
  • Surface Roughing – Skin Surface, Revolved Surface, Swept Surface, Ruled Surfaces, Radial Surfaces
  • Surface Finishing – Skin Surface, Revolved Surface, Swept Surface, Ruled Surfaces, Radial Surfaces
  • Spiral Skin Surface Toolpath
  • Gears Creation and Machining NEW
  • Clean Circle – Roughing and Finishing
  • Project Text Onto Surfaces – Roughing and Finishing NEW
  • Project Text To Curves – Roughing and Finishing
  • Surface Machine Around Raised Text – Roughing and Finishing
  • Direct Surface Toolpath To Wireframe

4 Axis Milling

  • 4th Axis Indexing
  • 4th Axis Rotary

CAM and Communications

  • RS 232 Communications – Fully customisable by the operator
  • DNC Communications - Fully customisable by the operator
  • HPGL Output NEW
  • Post Processor Configurations - Fully customisable by the operator
  • Post Processor Library – Available to all customers at no extra charge
  • Customisable CAM Menus
  • Customisable Drill Cycles
  • Customisable Tool Library
  • Customisable Tool Boxes and Icons
  • Graphical Tool Rendering
  • G-Code Editor
  • Color Coded NC Codes – Operator Definable
  • Solid NC Verification/Part Simulation
  • NC Code Backplot
  • Run Time Estimator
  • Hole Making
  • Drilling
  • Tapping
  • Boring
  • Reverse Boring
  • Peck Drilling
  • Reaming

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