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CAD Model Diagnostic Tool - CAD/IQ

Supplier: CONCENTRIC Asia Pacific

CAD/IQ is a CAD companion tool which detects and reports problems associated with native CAD models and their fit (or lack thereof) for use in downstream processes.

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These downstream processes can be finite element analysis, numerical control machining, data exchange, rapid prototyping, or other possible uses of CAD data.

CAD/IQ works on geometry models - specifically surface and solids models. CAD/IQ does not examine drafting or wireframe data.

CAD/IQ detects problems, it does not fix problems. It will not modify your native CAD model to correct any defects. CAD/IQ pinpoints problems that are usually too small to see by the naked eye as well as problems that the native CAD system does not catch.

In many situations there is more than one method to correct a model. The designer of the model, who has the design intent knowledge, is in the best position to know how to correct the geometry problems uncovered by CAD/IQ.

There are 21 diagnostics which CAD/IQ V2.0 support, including:

  • Area of surface trimmed by face
  • Min radius of curvature along a model space curve within the domain of an edge
  • Length of model space curve trimmed by edge
  • Measures the angle between the normal vector of two independent faces associated with two candidate sewing edges

There are two components to CAD/IQ; an Analyzer and a Viewer.

The Analyzer processes a native CAD model, performs diagnostic analysis on it, and generates results. These results are in two forms; textual data which shows CAD data which are suspect and should have further user analysis to determine if there are problems and graphical data which highlights specific problems within the CAD model. Both the textual and graphical data are written to a database.

The Viewer. reads the database produced by the Analyzer and presents the results to the user in an easy to understand format.

See http://www.cadiq.com/ for more information