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Calair Pipe Systems

Calair Pipe Systems | Pressure Piping Systems

Calair Pipe Systems

Calair Systems Ltd. are an Australian company that provides Colour Identifiable Pipe Systems to Australian Standards AS1345-1995 also to ISO 14726-1. Our products are marketed under the Pro-Pipe II™ brand and are designed for use in pressure applications under demanding conditions.

Since 1989 we have installed over 6,000 systems throughout Australia, New Zealand and many parts of S.E. Asia. We are located in the outskirts of Sydney where we produce our systems combining “State of the Art” equipment with advanced polymers. With our extensive experience we provide not only advice on the use of our systems in various applications but also offer full installation services.

As a strong proponent in the use of polymer materials in pressure applications we are obviously aware of our responsibilities under the “Occupational Health & Safety Act” and ensure that all of our products meet strict quality assurance controls and can satisfy all relevant performance standards.

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In 1995 our company was recognized by the Australian government with an Export Achievement award and in 2000 we were accepted into the NSW government’s Australian Technology Showcase as a company with new & innovative products.

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