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Can bullet proof stainless security mesh really stop a bullet?

Supplier: Maishi Wire Mesh Manufacture Group
14 September, 2016

Bullet proof stainless security mesh can not stop the targeted shooting directly.

In fact, bullet proof stainless security mesh can't bullet proof the bullet directly.

The max tensile strength is 1150N, it can slow down the bullet speed and is mainly used for proof missiles.For example, if one person is in a room and the bullets are fired suddenly, then the person isn't likely to die and may only be injured.

It also can provide superior protection against intruders, stones and other dangerous goods.
But, other types of mesh don't have this character:
  • Fiberglass window screens or other small hole window screens can only stop mosquitoes and insects, but can't prevent intruders.
  • Big hole size window screens such as grid mesh can protect against intruders but not insects.