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Capacitive Displacement Sensor System - Micro-Epsilon capaNCDT 6350 by Bestech Australia

Supplier: Bestech Australia

Designed for monitoring several quality dimensions quickly, the Micro-Epsilon capaNCDT capacitive displacement sensor system is designed for in-line use.

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The capaNCDT 6350 is a compact, single-channel system that comprises a capacitive displacement sensor, a sensor-connecting cable and signal-conditioning electronics. It exhibits high measuring rates, high stability and accuracy and nanoresolution.

The sensor operates on a similar principle to the ideal parallel plate capacitor. The sensor and opposing target represent the two plate electrodes of a capacitor, and the amplitude of the AC voltage on the sensor is proportional to the distance between the capacitor electrodes.

This capacitive displacement sensor is designed for industrial use in production plants and for measuring and testing during in-process quality assurance. This could include distance, vibration, deflection, stroke or dimensional inspection. It is suitable for all electrically conductive materials.

The capacitive displacement sensor system uses a unique active driven and hermetically sealed triaxial RF cable in conjunction with an active guarded tri-electrode sensor. Therefore the system is electron leakage proof and creates a protected homogeneous measurement field enabling a highly stable, interference free precision measurement. Any parasitic capacitance which compromises the accuracy is therefore eliminated.

Measuring ranges of between 0.2mm and 10mm are available. Linearity is less than 0.3% of the full scale output, while resolution varies from 0.005% FSO to 0.1% FSO depending on the frequency. Temperature stability is below 0.01% FSO/°C, while long term stability is below 0.02% FSO/month.

Output is given as 0-10 VDC voltage, while a 9-30 VDC (5.5W) power supply is required. The sensor can operate in temperatures of -50°C to 200°C.

This displacement sensor is available in Australia and New Zealand from Bestech Australia Pty Ltd