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Car Wash- Primus

Supplier: Autowash

In today’s auto market, “looks are everything” and service station owners who offer their customers car washes that follow these trends will maintain a head start on the competition.


Price Guide: POA


Target group:

For operations with low wash revenue such as:

  • Petrol stations
  • Self-service wash centre
  • Car dealerships / Auto Repair Workshops / Fleet operation services


  • High- value plastic panelling for self-service operation

Installation sizes:

  • 2.050 mm, 2.250 mm, 2.400 mm,2.500 mm, 2.600 mm, 2.750 mm


For installations with 600 to 1200 washes per month.

In today’s auto market, “looks are everything” and service station owners who offer their customers car washes that follow these trends will maintain a head start on the competition. this is experience that the Christ AG has been profiting from for more than 10 years.

Allow us to introduce PRIMUS: The roll-over wash unit of the future. “Cool design, and hot technique” Patented, automatic jointed brushes Ever evolving car designs have placed new demands on car wash side brushes.

CHRIST’S jointed brush is designed to meet these demands. The automatic, jointed brush system carefully adjusts to the aerodynamic shape of today’s car, ensuring two perfect passes along the sides of the car. It’s truly impressive.

The High-Pressure Wheel and Side Wash

The Christ module turns a wheel wash unit into an additional high-pressure unit. A high-pressure jet, applying 85 bar pressure, is guided oscillating over the side skirt, wheel arches and front and rear parties thereby impeccably cleaning the vehicle. This saves the self-service lance during the pre-wash and takes no extra time.

The Under body Wash

Christ’s unique high-pressure, under body Wash system offers your customers outstanding results and economical consumption of precious water.

Unlike other systems that have +/- 18 jets consuming higher volumes of water and producing low pressure, the Christ AG system has two rotating high-pressure nozzles Which spray the complete under body using 85 bar power.

Highly Effective Hot Foam

If your customer has paid for hot foam and you want to see them regularly, They need to observe their car covered in a blanket of hot active foam. It’s a Wonderful treat for their pride and joy. The double angled, foam nozzle system covers every part of the vehicle – to ensure a complete coating, including the front and rear of the vehicle.

Surface Sparkle and Protection

As the hot wax beads over the surface of the car, your customers will appreciate that a finishing, protective touch is being applied.

Power dry your vehicle

Hold onto your hats, our drying fan impellers rally an amazing 4 x 3 kW. This fully automated drying system allows the integrated ventilators situated in the roof nozzles to cruise along the vehicle’s contour and the side dryer nozzle to move in close on the vehicle’s surface. The result: minimal power stream loss and an absolutely optimum drying result.

Wheel washing

The pneumatically controlled optional wheel cleaners, with integral water jets to ensure good lubrication and softening of grime, make an outstanding impression on all types of wheels. The revolving brushes change direction during the cleaning process to ensure a perfectly clean set of wheels.

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