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Carbon Emissions - One2Five Carbon

Supplier: Energetics

Carbon Emissions - One2Five Carbon, The cost of carbon will be an additional price to pay in the business landscape in the very near future with increased momentum to reduce and control greenhouse gas emissions.

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Carbon Emissions - One2Five Carbon
Energetics One2Five Carbon is a diagnostic management tool that helps business address the impact of a carbon price on business strategy.

Companies that act now to understand the issues will be better placed to mitigate business risks and take advantage of new business opportunities.

One2FiveR Carbon identifies strengths in the business and areas requiring improvement, including direct carbon exposure, supply chain management and stakeholder engagement.

Achieving your objectives
A critical action plan is presented to assist your organisation in addressing critical issues that impact your progress towards business improvements. The actions are designed to be practical to provide you with a realistic pathway to ensure implementation and achieve your strategic objectives.

Addressing business issues
Addressing business strategy within a carbon-constrained economy presents a fundamental shift in the way businesses have typically operated. To achieve strategic competitive advantage, today’s organisations face a number of key issues:

  • What is your direct carbon cost liability and how will be passed through the supply chain?
  • Where does your exposure to carbon risk lie within the business?
  • How will you manage carbon risk?
  • What will be the impact of existing and new government policies?
  • What investment should you make in carbon abatement projects?
  • What technologies should you use? How will innovation affect you?
  • What are the new business opportunities to be explored?
  • Is your business ready for a low carbon economy?

Engaging senior decision makers
One2FiveR Carbon engages senior decision makers at the beginning of the strategic business planning process. All One2FiveR sessions are conducted in an interactive management workshop with the senior management team.

This ensures a common understanding of key issues, alignment with business objectives and agreement on actions to be implemented program.

Enhancing your reputation
One2FiveR Carbon provides incentives for businesses to change by reaching star ratings that indicate stages of improvement and achievement. The star levels not only encourage businesses to continuously improve their practices, but also act as a visual indicator of a company's level of environmental excellence. Businesses also use the system to raise their credentials and demonstrate that they are acting responsibly to consumers and stakeholders.