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Carbon Strategy Platform

Supplier: Enesolve

Each client's unique combination of corporate structure, carbon inventory, energy efficiency opportunities and carbon price projections are entered into eneSolve's Carbon Strategy Platform (CSP).

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Carbon Strategy Platform

In addition, we input specific governing constraints defined by our clients' corporate business plans, such as: Return on Investment targets and depreciation business rules, to derive an optimal mix of:

Plant & Appliance projects
Including: Fuel/Energy Supply & Substitution strategies and Energy Efficiency Projects

Financial Options
Including: Government Funding; Tradeable Carbon Instruments e.g. Certified Emissions Reduction Units; and managing participation in the Carbon Polution Reduction Scheme (CPRS) e.g. Permit auctions; Permit utilisation/banking/expiry etc.

Delivery/Contracting Options
Including: Head Contractor; Project Management; Performance Contracting and Build/Own/Operate & Transfer models.

The CSP is managed by eneSolve on behalf of its clients and is remotely hosted with sophisticated disaster recovery protocols in place. The following slide show provides further details and insight with respect to the value added benefits of this sophisticated knowledge management system.