Carbon-tax avoidance

Supplier: PROMAC International By: Andrew McAdam
03 July, 2012

What can you do to avoid paying this tax?

Dear Friends,

PROMAC would not normally advocate tax-avoidance, but on this particular issue we can no longer stay silent.  There is a tangible, measureable and immediate method to reduce your carbon tax liability - reduce your fuel consumption by using high-efficiency products such as the Greenlite LED lighting tower.  

The low-emission, Tier IV Hatz engine uses less than one litre of diesel per hour, saving you thousands of litres of fuel annually. More than 100 hours running per tank of fuel, reduced repair and maintenance costs and a three-year / 25,000 hour warranty on our heavy-duty LED panels will also reduce your ownership costs.

But the best news of all — we have units in stock and I guarantee they won't cost you a cent more to buy than our metal halide light towers.

Call me or a member of our team today for a quote and find out why some of Australia's leading contractors and mining companies have already made the switch.

Serg Radic (WA) 0403 122 015
Ben Marks (QLD) 0427 735 580