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Cardboard Cartons - WRS

Supplier: WRS Orora

Cardboard Cartons - Wayne Richardson Sales provide a range of stock size cartons to accommodate the small user or the large. We have 4 ranges in stock varying in size from small, medium and large.

Price Guide: POA

Pallet Cartons
All 3 carton sizes are designed to fit neatly on our Australian sized pallets.

WRS Code Description Internal Size (L x W x H) MOQ
9CTNPAL1 Small Pallet Carton 283mm x 283mm x 300mm 25 Ctns
9CTNPAL2 Medium Pallet Carton 380mm x 380mm x 300mm 25 Ctns
9CTNPAL3 Large Pallet Carton 572mm x 572mm x 400mm 10 Ctns

Shipping Cartons
Ship all your products in the comfort of knowing that they will get to their destination in good order.

WRS Code Description Internal Size (L x W x H) MOQ
9CTNSHIP1 Small Shipping Carton 230mm x 230mm x 230mm 25 Ctns
9CTNSHIP2 Medium Shipping Carton A4 305mm x 215mm x 215mm 25 Ctns
9CTNSHIP3 Large Shipping Carton A3 430mm x 302mm x 247mm 25 Ctns
9CTNSHIP4 X-Large Shipping Carton 605mm x 300mm x 370mm 20 Ctns

Flat Pack Cartons
Are ideal for shipping slim products such as books, albums, documents etc.

WRS Code Description Internal Size (L x W x H) MOQ
9CTNFLAT1 Small Flat Carton 215mm x 215mm x 110mm 25 Ctns
9CTNFLAT2 Medium Flat Carton A4 255mm x 205mm x 205mm 25 Ctns
9CTNFLAT3 Large Flat Carton A3 500mm x 330mm x 205mm 25 Ctns

Heavy Duty Cartons
Are ideal for shipping heavy objects, maintaining its strength whilst protecting your valuable goods.

WRS Code Description Internal Size (L x W x H) MOQ
9CTNHEAVY1 Small Heavy Duty Carton 281mm x 184mm x 280mm 20 Ctns
9CTNHEAVY2 Medium Heavy Duty Carton 305mm x 215mm x 250mm 20 Ctns
9CTNHEAVY3 Large Heavy Duty Carton 430mm x 302mm x 247mm 20 Ctns
9CTNREMOVAL Large Removal Carton 410mm x 410mm x 765mm 10 Ctns

Wayne Richardson Sales can custom make a carton to suit your specific requirements.

Custom Printed Cartons can be manufactured to promote your businesses brand.

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