Case Studies - Acmeda

Supplier: Meca Racking Solutions
02 December, 2008

Acmeda Australia has always been exploring ways to improve their business operations. General Manager Adam Licciardi first made contact with Andrew Quinn of MECA Racking Systems two years ago after which Acmeda subsequently ordered their first lot of cantilevered racking from MECA.

With a new building under development, Adam Licciardi once again called upon MECA for their advice regarding the new premises. Adam says “Our first experience with cantilevered racking and it’s many benefits such as increased storage capacity has led the way to a quest for more productivity and space utilization which is why we called upon MECA Racking Systems to assist us with our new project”.

Acmeda’s Operations Manager Greg Finkemeyer was assigned the job to evaluate proposals for the new plant. The submission from MECA Racking Systems was once again successful after five companies were asked to quote.

Greg says that the MECA proposal was more in keeping with the type of goods being handled, which consisted mainly of 6 meter lengths of extruded aluminum and cartoned goods of window blind components.

The MECA proposal consisted of utilizing some of Acmeda’s existing racking and incorporating that with the flexible MECA Cantilever Racking and a Carton Live Storage (CLS) system to facilitate order picking fast moving stock easily.

“Like all things new we expected some teething problems, but to our surprise everything has gone smoothly since giving the order to MECA Racking Systems. Once our staff was familiar with where everything was located we started to see real benefits.

Overstocking problems have been virtually eliminated; we were working on 50/50 ratios now we have it down to 80/20 and our customers are receiving faster service and with the correct goods”. “Our warehouse efficiency has doubled with the new warehouse design. The cantilever racking is just the smartest way to store large items; the CLS is impressive too when you want speed/efficiency of picking.

We currently have 80 pages of all types/sizes of goods and 500 stock locations to put things away, our computer system has all these locations mapped and we just go there and get the goods.

How great is that ! Thanks MECA Racking Systems”. For more details on how beneficial a MECA system can be in your application or for an obligation free consultation please contact Laurie Quinn on 0409 542772.