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Case Studies - Civil Applications - BGC Building – Perth CBD 2006

Supplier: Sovereign Hydroseal
24 September, 2009

Waterproofing Slab

The outside deck on the first floor above an office block was taking rainwater. The water leaked into the lower offices and also horizontally into the adjacent offices slab. The carpets were always wet during the rainy season and year after year several contracting companies have attempted to seal and reseal the water leaks.

Sovereign started with an assessment as how credible waterproofing companies continued to fail sealing a concrete slab. Several dye tests were done to understand the movement of water throughout the structure. After days of tests we determined where the ingress areas were and how the spread of water occurred in the building.

With this information available we formulized a methodology and proposed in detail how to seal the water. Sovereign was given the order to affect the repairs. Work was done at night to facilitate the office workers. Sovereign created a perfect seal and no leaks reoccurred during the rain seasons to follow.