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Case Studies - Laserlite

Supplier: Meca Racking Solutions
02 December, 2008

‘New Racking-Speeds Up Customer Sevice’

4 Years ago Laserlite Australia embarked on a new program to upgrade their storage and handling systems at there Head Office in Melbourne and branch locations in each state.

Rod King, Laserlite Managing Director approached a number of suppliers to evaluate their proposals for a total review of the current storage and handling systems and selected MECA Racking Solutions as their provider.

Rod says, we were about ready for a total shake up of our operation, and having become a member of the world wide Bayer Group of Companies we have started exploring ways to provide better service, the right range of products that our customers needed in a shorter time frame.

Our current method of handling were just not capable of supporting any further expansion. All our warehouses consisted of an assortment of selective and cantilever racking which sounds efficient but it was not.

We had holes allover the place; too much of our stock was placed where it would fit, not where it was convenient, a lot of time was spent searching for the product. Time consuming and not as efficient as we would have liked it to be, we needed flexibility in our operations.

The Laserlite staff and Laurie Quinn, GM of MECA Racking Solutions got together and designed a warehouse using the MECA cantilever system and selective racking where stock could be stored by product type, size and color all in the same location

We have bays extending up to 40 meters in length with all our 850 mm width sheeting on 1000 mm cantilever arms, the larger width stock sits on corresponding arms of 1200 mm and 1500 mm arms.

This alone has made stock placement and retrieval that much easier, we no longer have to go searching, just go to the aisle with the small arms and you find all your narrow sheeted stock - this racking along with the 4 directional reach stackers has made our operation more space and time efficient.

This lateral thinking was applied to all of our branches, the Meca people went out and measured all our operations and came back and presented us with plans and pricing. Why we chose MECA was simple, Laurie Quinn co-ordinate everything, even down to the sale of our old racking.

Price was important but not the main criteria, we still check prices before we buy additional racking. We find the MECA cantilever system is excellent value for money. We have looked at other systems but nothing compared to the MECA cantilever system, fully welded systems were out, we had tried them before and were found to be too inflexible the MECA System looks great too.

We have received great benefits from our new warehouse designs and the implementation of the MECA cantilever systems. At Laserlite, the customer is central to the company’s operations.

Each state warehouse, in conjunction with the national warehouse, plans and manages its stock levels and delivery times to ensure customer satisfaction with next-day delivery of standard product on time in full, every time.

Because Laserlite manufactures locally, even non-standard products are easily accommodated in the MECA racking, sizes and colors can be produced and delivered within short lead-times, providing unmatched flexibility and service.