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Case Study: Antiwear studs prevent crusher head damage

Supplier: Antec Engineering
30 October, 2015

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Customer Problem

Customer had previously been using "Chockyblocks" on the spider arms to combat wear, however this has proven to be an ineffective method due to cracks and mechanical failures when the chocky blocks have come loose and jammed in the crushers as they are larger than the crushers "CSS" (closed side setting).

Antec Solution

Antiwear studs were welded in place. The studs allow the material to build up between them which allows material on material interaction.

These studs are smaller than the "CSS" so no chance of damage to the crusher should any of these come off. 


During trials the following equipment was used:

  • KOCO 1710 Power Source (Cap 20mm)
  • K22D Gun

Studs have been in place for 2 ½ years with no sign of significant wear or failures.