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Case Study: Commercial fishing vessel salvage

Supplier: CI Agent Solutions
13 December, 2010

A 38 foot fishing vessel was sunk at the dock with three 55-gallon drums of diesel on its deck and 100 gallons in the tank.

A visible sheen of engine oil and diesel was on the water when Bluewater Diver & Salvage (BWD) arrived on the scene. C.I.Agent Quick Deployment Booms (QDB) were immediately deployed; a 25 foot QDB was positioned at the stern to contain the spill; a second 25 foot QDB was positioned to catch sheen that drifted toward the seawall. The USCG Marine Safety Officer (MSO) who arrived on the scene was familiar with C.I.Agent and observed the salvage. After placing lifting bags under the vessel, one pound of C.I.Agent Granules was sprinkled around and on top of the engine inside of the QDB containment area. As the vessel was being re-floated a Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) officer arrived; he too was familiar with C.I.Agent and stayed to observe the salvage. During the raising of the vessel the loose C.I.Agent and solidified oil settled on the engine and into the bilge where it solidified the remaining oil and diesel. The boat owner’s mechanic, who was working on the engine, scooped up the oil and diesel solidified with C.I.Agent from the bilge then placed it into plastic bags for easy disposal in a landfill. The C.I.Agent booms were removed after capturing all of the sheen and placed into bags. They were then taken back to the BWD Salvage Yard where they were hung up to dry, awaiting use on a future spill response.

C.I. Agent Costs Comparison

  • C.I. Agent
    • Clean Up Period: 1 hour
    • Materials: 1 lb C.I. Agent Granules, 75' C.I. Agent Quick Deployment Booms
    • Product Retrieved: motor oil & diesel fuel (quantity too small to weigh)
    • Waste: N/A
    • Total Cost: $200.00 
  • Conventional Method (had they not used C.I. Agent)
    • Clean Up Period: 12 hours
    • Materials: 50' Hard Boom, 50' 4" Oil Absorbant Pads, Biohazard Containment Bags
    • Product Retrieved: unable to determine
    • Waste: used oil absorbant pads & sausage boom
    • Total Cost: $2,000.00 (estimate)