Case study - Envar gets proactive about customer service

Supplier: Professional Advantage
04 October, 2012

Envar Group is a highly-regarded air conditioning specialist. Through its three wholly-owned subsidiary companies, the group designs, installs, services and fabricates air conditioning equipment for clients throughout Australia.

Envar's head office is based in Western Australia and they maintain an office in New South Wales. The company employs approximately 100 people.


Managing a growing service business

One of the most high-profile aspects of Envar's business is its service and maintenance company. Clients contract Envar to provide ad hoc services and ongoing maintenance to ensure the efficient running of their air conditioning systems. By 2010, this meant that Envar's technicians were attending and inspecting approximately 200 client sites each and every month.


However, although the group was equipped with accounting and job costing software packages, there was no system to support the critical areas of services scheduling and reporting.


Staff largely relied on a manual paper trail to record their work, and management had no ability to readily identify what percentage of the month's service calls had been completed at a given time. Nor could they identify crucial staffing data such as sick and annual leave statistics.